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Molloy Real Estate Services is a full service real estate company that prides itself on its many years of personal and reliable service to our customers. 


We offer professional property management service including Rental property management, Commercial property management, and Homeowner Association management. Please select the property type you are inquiring about from the Property Management category of our main menu for further details.


We also represent buyers and sellers in sales and/or lease transactions.  Visit Listing or Buying for more information.  We are a full service real estate company.


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Molloy Real Estate Services was originally established in 1962 by Joseph P. Molloy (“Joe”), our founder.  The original name of the business was “Joe Molloy Realty.”  He opened for business at 14th and Pico in 1962.  Property Management and sales of residential income property were Joe’s specialty.  Needing more space with his increased residential sales staff, he moved to its 719 Santa Monica Boulevard location in 1965.  During the 1970’s Joe was approached by a national real estate franchising company to join its new network of offices.  Joe incorporated the business while operating as a franchise member office.  After being a part of the national company and with the economic challenges in the early 80’s, we decided to return to our property management roots and became simply Molloy, Realtors®, Inc.  Displaced by the earthquake of January, 1994, we moved to a temporary office on Fifth Street and returned to our old Santa Monica Boulevard location the latter part of August, 1995.  In December, 1998 we moved to the Yale Center on Santa Monica Boulevard at Yale Street.  During 2010 we adopted a logo and changed our name to Molloy Real Estate Services. In August of 2015, we moved to 1828-1/2 Broadway.  In July, 2018 we moved to our current location at 3020A Wilshire Boulevard.



Patricia “Tica” M. O’Neill entered the business in 1980.  She worked as a realtor-associate until 1984.  She then received her Broker’s license and began managing the office with a sales staff of 20+ and small property management division.  To date the firm manages approximately 500 residential and commercial units in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Culver City, Los Angeles, and Santa Monica. These are comprised of apartments, commercial property and homeowner associations.


Our Leasing Coordinator for our property management portfolio. Alexis works with Tica as a Licensed Real Estate Assistant.   She is a Realtor® and is also a leasing and sales associate for her own clients’ leases, listings, and sales.  She has 19 years experience in Real Estate – from commercial leasing and management to sales.  Her background prior to being a Real Estate Licensee was in the marketing and advertising business.


Our Maintenance Coordinator for rental properties joined our staff in April, 2012.  Jessica brings practical experience having worked as a resident manager for many years.  She is very handy and has great ability in assessing situations and bringing a prompt resolution to maintenance issues, large or small.  She is usually the one that handles the majority of repair issues for both rentals and homeowner associations.  She has three wonderful sons who keep her busy when she is not working!

Molloy Real Estate Services was originally established in 1962 by Joseph P. Molloy (“Joe”), our founder.  Property Management, leasing and sales are among our firms services.  View some of our current property listings and vacancies below, then contact us for more information.


3020A Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90403, USA

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(310) 453-1172

3020A Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90403, USA

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